Major Shareholders

Last Update: 1 May 2017

Securities Information 

Number of Ordinary shares in issue 31,910,684
Percentage of AIM securities not in public hands 51.42%
Restriction on the transfer of AIM securities NONE


Significant Shareholders (3% or more of the Issued Share Capital)

Name Number of Ordinary Shares % of Issued Share Capital
Schroder Investment Management  6,274,805 19.66%
Artemis Investment Management  4,278,062 13.41%
Fidelity International 3,208,568 10.05%
Shareholder Value Management 2,970,123 9.31%
Gordon Banham 2,478,466 7.77%
NFU Mutual 1,360,000 4.26%


At 1 May 2017 Hargreaves Services plc holds 1,228,072 ordinary shares in Treasury.

Excepting AIM, the company has not applied or agreed to have any of its securities admitted or traded on any other exchanges or trading platforms.