Recovering waste, restoring land

Through our ongoing mining operations Hargreaves has a significant landbank that is progressively being restored to beneficial use. This can include new constructed development, renewable infrastructure, agriculture and amenity uses.

However, as many of these sites were lefgt abandoned by previous operators, they often lack soil resources to support the development of the new uses. To improve the existing soils or develop new soils we are utilising a range of suitable waste materials such as:

  • Soils
  • Composts
  • Biomass and coal-derived combustion ashes
  • Incinerator bottom ash
  • Digestates from anaerobic digestion and commercial & industrial sludges.

The use of these materials is resource efficient and in compliance with existing legislation managed, for example, by the Environment Agency and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency. 

Currently, Hargreaves is planning or operating a number of restoration sites in the central belt of Scotland and Northern England - see map below:


We would welcome enquiries from producers of relevant waste materials that we could recover into our restoration and reclamation operations. We offer a cost effective management service and can also offer transport solutions through our in-house logistics team. 

We can also offer a range of other waste and environmental services including:

  • Solutions to transform waste into value-added products (including end of waste approvals)
  • Technically Competent Management for a range of waste management operations
  • Regulatory and permitting advice
  • Environmental liability and land quality assessment
  • Development of waste recovery, renewable energy and recycling infrastructure at our sites in partnership with Local Authorities and private companies. 

Please contact us with any enquiries.